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A newborn shoot usually comes at a time when parents to be are extremely busy, preparing for their new arrival. Planning a newborn photo session can be a little confusing as a result, especially when you have so much on your mind. Asking the right questions when planning your photos can go a long way to making a newborn shoot a really comfortable occasion which rewards you with a lot of special memories that you will cherish for many years to come.

First of all – don’t feel shy about asking questions. Your photographer will be happy to spend some time either face to face or on the phone explaining the details of your newborn shoot and answering any questions you have.

Usually it is a good idea to make a booking well in advance of the date you expect your new addition to the family to arrive. That said, babies don’t plan their arrival according to a timetable! Most photographers will however be happy to reschedule your booking to make allowance for an early or a late arrival. That is just one of the little challenges that newborn photographers are used to working with. It is important for you to check though, when you make your booking, that you can reschedule it you give birth a week earlier or later than expected.  In order to get those distinctive newborn images, these sessions are done during the first four to ten days of life.

The environment for your shoot is going to be important to make it a comfortable stress-free experience. More often than not babies do need feeding or changing in the course of a photo session. Find out beforehand what facilities available for feeding during the shoot. I find that some mothers are more comfortable having a room to themselves to feed. If you have have decided to have a studio shoot, your photographer will also usually make sure that the studio is a comfortable temperature for a little person.

Take a little time to think about whether there are any special outfits you would like to bring along.  It is also useful to have a couple of changes of clothes for the star of the show – little oopsies and accidents do happen with newborn babies when you least expect them.

A newborn photo shoot can also be a special time for an older sibling to bond with their baby brother or sister.  Including them in the newborn photo session can result in some magical images and an opportunity for a proud older sibling to show off their love.  Bring a special toy along for them to play with while they are not sitting in photos with their baby brother or sister – that will keep them entertained while the spotlight is not on them.

The shoot itself should be relaxed and unpressurised.  Your baby’s safety and comfort always come first during the shoot. You will also need to allow for time for comforting, feeding, changing and also changes of clothes if you want to use different outfits.  It isn’t unusual for a newborn session to take in the region of three hours.  That time will be well-spent to provide a good selection of special images.  You should expect your newborn photo shoot to take longer than a family portrait session would normally take, but the results will provide you with once-in-a-lifetime memories which you will alway cherish.

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