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Beautiful family of three | Newborn Photographer Point Cook-Melbourne

I photographed Valentia at 4 weeks old.  This Little girl was one of the squishiest babies I’ve ever had the pleasure of photographing.  She was so fun to cuddle.  A gorgeous girl indeed and such a well-behaved little thing.

Valentia was over the ‘normal’ newborn age, but she could not have been more perfect.

Thank you all for a beautiful session Martha and Zayd, and congratulations on your gorgeous little girl.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

What a fantastic year 2014 was! I had the honour of photographing so many families, babies, expecting mothers, weddings and many other events.  I met some wonderful families and have since really become friends.  Thank you to all my wonderful clients for making 2014 a fantastic year. I had so much fun looking through all of my sessions with you and may have gone a little overboard when choosing a collection, but I wanted to include you all in the review 🙂 Thank you to each and every one for all your support .  I would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year.  May 2015 be filled with  happiness, love and good health.  In 2015 you can expect to see many more sessions and some beautiful images so keep an eye out for my blog-posts.

Thank you if you have already booked your session in for 2015.  If you are currently expecting and thinking of booking in maternity or newborn photos please do so as soon as possible as my bookings fill up fairly fast. For all bookings and enquiries please email me at rochelle@rehmetphoto.com.

Looking forward to seeing you all in 2015.

Happy New Year!!!


Year End Photos 2014


Meet 14 day old Aaliyah | Newborn Photographer Point Cook-Melbourne

Meet Aaliyah at 14 days new.  This little girl was the most perfect little thing for our session.  She barely made a peep and has the most perfect creamy skin.

She was full of smiles and cute facial expressions.  What a little doll!


Tiara, Jafar and Aaliyah I hope you and your family enjoy your sneak peek!







Meet Lorie 9 days new | Newborn Photographer Point Cook-Melbourne

I had the pleasure to capture some special memories for this family again.  I first met Teegan and Josh when Alfie was a little newborn.  He is now already 2 years old and such a beautiful boy.  He has the best manners you can possible imagine.  Meet Lorie his adorable new little sister.  Lorie is one very lucky little baby girl to have such a loving

family to welcome her. Lorie had the cutest little facial expressions during her session.  She is such a happy baby.

Enjoy your sneak peek all.



Meet 9 day old Kalani | Newborn Photographer Point Cook-Melbourne

Meet 9 day old Kalani.  I just absolutely love her name.   Isn’t she just adorable?  This gorgeous girl had the most beautiful little features…she was a tiny doll!  She wasn’t too much of a fan of having her photo taken at first but we managed to get her off to sleep and got some adorable shots.

Enjoy your sneak peek, Jodie, Chris and Kalani!  She is the perfect little addition.



Meet Eleanor at only 5 days new | Newborn Baby Photographer Point Cook-Melbourne

Meet Eleanor at only 5 days new.  Isn’t she just divine with the most perfect skin?  I had the honour of photographing this sweet baby girl.  I first met Chris and Beth when I photographed little Joshua when he was a newborn baby.  He is not quite that little anymore.  He is such a loving big brother. and loves giving Eleanor big cuddles.  Eleanor is one very lucky girl to be loved so much.

Chris, Beth, Joshua and Eleanor enjoy your sneak peek.

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Meet 21 day old Giselle | Newborn Baby Photographer Point Cook-Melbourne

Meet Giselle at 21 days old.  Jessica and George thank you for the opportunity to capture these special memories for your family.  Madison is such a lovely big sister who loves giving her baby sister big cuddles.

Enjoy your sneak peek.






Beautiful family of three | Family Photographer Point Cook-Melbourne

Meet 8 month old Nevaeh.

I had the pleasure to photograph this beautiful family.  This little girl was sooo adorable for her session.  She was all smiles. Isn’t she just divine with her  big blue eyes.

Paula, Leroy and Nevaeh enjoy your sneak peek.






Meet 11 day old Imogen | Newborn Photographer Point Cook-Melbourne


Meet 11 day old Imogen who was was so good for her session.  She was quite alert for an 11 day old and loved looking at the camera.  This little girl was the most perfect little thing for our session.  She had the most amazingly creamy perfect skin, and was obviously gorgeous all around.  What a little doll!

Leesa and James enjoy your sneak peek!



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Meet 4 week old Kate | Newborn Photographer Point Cook-Melbourne

Meet Kate,  she was very excited to meet her parents and arrived a little earlier than expected but did so well from the start!    This stunning little girl is oh-so-tiny!  She was an absolute angel for her session, and barely made a peep.  I wanted to keep her!

Congratulations to you and your family, sweet Kate.  Enjoy your sneak peek!


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